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Show jumping is another equestrian sport which has seen maximum progress in the Emirates within a short span of time. The Federation, which adopted a long-term plan for show jumping has ensured the all-round development of this attractive equestrian sport.

Local, regional and international competitions are held regularly at the leading equestrian centres in the UAE. The Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, the Abu Dhabi Police Centre, Dubai Equestrian Club, Sharjah Equestrian Club and Sharjah Police Club are among those which host these competitions.

The Federation has also put into motion a long-term training plan for the UAE jumpers. While training camps are held in the UAE, some of the more promising jumpers are sent abroad to undergo focused training under international experts in the field.

The show jumping department at the Federation has in the 2001-2002 season organised a series of jumps with a points standing which keeps the participants interested in their progress and ranking. A series of Grand Prix International Championships were also organised in which some of the world's top jumpers took part along with a strong team of UAE jumpers. Young jumpers from the UAE have qualified and impressed at the World Junior Championships and so have some of the seniors in the open class. The Show Jumping Department also lays stress on courses for judges, stewards and other officials and this helps the cadres to equip themselves with the latest developments in the field. The rules are regularly updated to keep abreast of international show jumping requirements.


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