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Approved Veterinarians

The Federation is concerned that not all FEI passports and Vaccination Identity Documents submitted to it for authentication meet the required standards. This is often due to the lack of experience of the veterinarian incompleting such documents or to their limited knowledge of the English language.
Similarly, problems also arise due to the ambiguity of Veterinary Certificates issued by some veterinarians for horses at events. In order to address these problems a course will be arranged at the beginning of the next season for all veterinarians to discuss the matter and ascertain the best way to tackle the situation. It is intended that the federation will establish a "List of Approved Veterinarians", only members of which will be authorized to undertake the above functions. However, a number of veterinarians well known to the Federation for their high standards with regard to both the above activities will automatically be included in the Approved List. (a copy of the same is attached for your information and reference).

Note: FEI regularly refer in its various regulations to "Veterinarians approved by their National Federation". By introducing such a list the federation is, therefore, conforming to existing FEI requirements.

How to Apply to become an Approved Veterinarian.

If any stable or owner wishes to include a veterinarian in the list of "Approved Veterinarians" it/he has to complete the Application Form
( Download ) following receipt of which the Federation will organize a course, followed by the examination/test.

List of Approved Veterinarians Authorized to undertake Horse documentation  (PDF File)


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